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The Book


Following the footsteps of an English journalist and traveller who, from 1906 to 1910, crossed the Alps from Montecarlo to Venice by car, passing over one hundred mountain passes


Introduction – Transports through the centuries along the Alps – the figure of Charles Lincoln Freeston.

Second edition and translation of the book The high road of the Alps: The Grand tour – Napoleon and his paths through the Alps – The neglect of road travel – Mountain climbing – Sir Martin Conway – Alps by Carriage – The railway and its dominant role – the Railway tunnels – Alps/Switzerland Association – Motorworthy Alpine roads – Alpine allure – Mountain Pass Classification – What the crossing of a pass means – Car equipment – Passes from Monte-Carlo to Venice – Through the Dolomites – A trip in Tyrol – French passes and cols – Helvetian passes – The Appennines – The ideal tour of the Alps – La grande route des Alpes.

Post war: new Freeston's contributions and their integration in the book.

A new Grand Tour... and a bet: the English travellers’ circle gathered round  Freeston – Roy Trevor – Charles Jarrott – Dan Fellows Platt – Paul G. Konody – Russell W. Leary – Hugh Merrick – A. Wills – G.D. Abraham – E. Wharton – Hugh Merric – Robert Byron.


From the Alpine Cup to the Route des Alpes, one century of characters, pilots, rally and epic car sports

A century of motoring: the pioneering era and Charles L. Freeston’s endeavours on the Continent.

Cars vs Pitchforks (1895-1910): the challenge to be the first one – Panhard & Levassor, Benz & Daimler – the Torino-Asti-Torino, Arona-Stresa-Arona, the Gordon Bennet Cup – Car rally of Italy, Trélex-Saint-Cergue Alpine race, Susa-Moncenisio, Brescia week, the birth of car companies.

The big challenges (1911-1926): Herrkomer Cup – La Route des Alpes – Prinz-Heinrich-Fahrt – Alpenfahrt– Alpenrennen Südtirols – Alpine Trophy – Londra-St. Moritz – Alpine Cup.

United crossing the Alps (1927-1957): Coppa delle Venezie – Internationale Österreichische Alpenfahrt – Deutsche Alpenstrasse – Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye – Alpine International Cup – Coupe des Alpes – Alpine Winter Cup – Coupe des Glaciers – Internationale Deutsche Alpenfahrt – Dolomites Cup – Alpine star  – Schweizerische Alpenposten – Alpine Trials – Mille Miglia.

And now… Rally (1958-1971): International Circuit races – Oriental Historic Alpine Rally.

Historical Parades (1972-1985): Montecarlo Rally – Gold Cup- FIVA international Rallys – Historical Alpine Rallys.

The past in the future: commemorations – museums – events – antique collectors – new scenarios in Alpine car touring.

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