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The Book

© Driving through the Alps

The Alpineshowroom project was born with the rediscovery of The high-roads of the Alps, 1911, a travel diary by Charles Lincoln Freeston, an English explorer, journalist and writer, member of the Royal Geographical Society and founding partner of the Royal Automobile Club, who ran over 177 Alpine passes with a Napier and a Sheffield Simplex.

In order to celebrate this talented personage, a century on, the editing company Scenari S.r.l. offers this unique work in the editorial panorama, to represent the scenario of driving through the Alps, from Freeston times to present day: more than 800 colour pages, split in two elegant cardboard volumes.

 After the new edition of the 1911 book in the first volume, the work goes on experiencing the birth of driving as a sport together with the feats of Alpine pioneers: pilots, patrons and organizers of the various events, clubs, engineers, collectors, advertisers, politicians, joined by the passion for Mountains & Motoring.

The book portrays an ideal fusion of the Alps and Europe: envisioned for mountain lovers and romantic drivers, as in the same way for hikers, cyclists, and bikers, for historians, collectors, and lovers of antique prints, and for transport experts, here, there and everywhere in the Alps.

An accumulation of twenty years of research all over the world together with a travel on the original routes carried out from 2009 to 2013 provide the background material for Andrea Lazzarini’s book Driving through the Alps including all Freeston’s published works and other important works in the field, as well as an impressive databank of images of the Alps adding to the history of Alpine travel by car, with an invaluable portfolio of more than 3000 antique photographs, rare posters and irreplaceable shots depicting important people and historical events. The tales of today with their pictures are thus presented side by side with those of 100 years ago to portray for all mountain lovers an epic masterpiece of Alpine history by car.

Technical features

bilingual edition: English-Italian (follow the French-German)

800 pages in two volumes enclosed in a prestigious case

Large format - 25x35 cm

hardcover volume 3 mm
5-color printing
book jacket 350 grams
internal paper 170 grams

flyleaf, book capital

Book* online your copy of © Driving through the Alps at the discounted price of 170,00 € (180,00)

You can also buy the book at reduced prices for associations or classic car clubs: please contact by phone or email the publisher.

Tel. +39.0323.934666 - Cell. +39.348.2825510

*the delivery date will be announced as soon as the book is available.

For more information please contact us.

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